Posts from May 2018

Posts from May 2018

The Wizard of Oz

  ECSP’s 1st -8th Grade music class presents, The Wizard of Oz. Great Job everyone! Thank you to everyone who made this performance possible!

Middle School Science Fair

Effort Middle School students participated in the 2nd-Annual Science Fair this week, and it was a huge success!  The students were tasked with creating projects that could somehow improve the world.  The winning projects were:  Creating a Hydrogen Fuel Tank and From Trash to Gas.  The second place winning project was:  Does Dirt Affect How Seeds Grow in Reforestation Efforts?  The third place winner was:  Geothermal Energy – Renewable Energy to Cool and Heat Houses.  Honorable Mentions:  Wave Energy, Vertical Farming, and Pinecone…

Kindergartners Explore the Ocean

Typically, the kindergartners will make three fun crafts each week.  We have enjoyed a fun unit learning about ocean life, and some of us will even visit the ocean over the summer!   The kindergartners write daily in their journals.  Today they wrote about the ocean.  Here are a few stories for you to enjoy.  🙂