Fire Safety Week for Preschool

Fire Safety Week for Preschool

fire Safety month

VIsit From Lake Monticello Fire Co.

September is Fire Safety Month at ECSP.  On Thursday, September 20, we were blessed to have local firemen and a truck come to visit with us.  Preschool got to take a peak at all the cool and interesting gadgets on a firetruck.  They learned that the trucks have more than hoses on them, and firetrucks are used for more than just putting out fires.

Fireman Josh Tells us important safety tips

On Friday, Fireman Josh Loving was able to tell the preschoolers a lot of important information regarding staying safe in a fire.  He showed us how to stop, drop, and roll if our clothes catch on fire.  He also explained that when we are in a house with smoke in it, we should stay low and go.  The children all were able to demonstrate crawling around to find the nearest exit.  Then he was able to show us what a real fireman looks like all dressed up.  He had Ms. Patty try on the suit first just so the kids wouldn’t be scared.

Fireman Josh explained to the children that they should sleep with their door closed every night, because a door can protect them from fire if its in other areas of the house.  He also asked the little’s if any of them had a favorite stuffed animal.  All the children were happy to tell him they did.  He explained that if they are high up in a house, or can’t get out their window in a fire, that they should take that stuffed animal and throw it out the window.  That will alarm the firemen that there is a child in the house near a window that needs help getting out.

Thank you for coming to visit

ECSP is extremely grateful to been given the opportunity to show the kids that fire safety is extremely important.  Please discuss fire safety with your children and have a plan ready.  Have a safe location in the front of the house, where in an event, that the family all knows where to meet.  Please consider having fire drills in your home.  ECSP has fire drills every month.  The kids are learning to line up quickly, and we need to evacuate quietly so we can listen to our teacher’s instructions.

A huge thank you to Lake Monticello Fire Company and Fireman Josh Loving!  We really enjoyed these experiences and look forward to having visits with you again!



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