Posts from October 2018

Posts from October 2018

Harvest Day in Ms. Connie’s Class

Ms.Connie’s class would like to wish you all this week a “Happy Harvest Day” on October 31, 2018! Our class is so excited that we get to celebrate this special time of year with a Harvest Parade and class party.  We will get to dress up in funny costumes and parade around our school campus for our teachers, family, and friends to see us in our attire.  Then we will have a party in our classroom with fun treats, music…

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ms. Amanda’s Pre-K Class had fun last week learning all about the letter I. We finished out the week with ice cream. We made our ice cream along with the rest of the preschool classes in the FLC. We used milk, vanilla, and sugar to make our own ice cream. The children had to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE the bags of ice cream. The ice and rock salt made it very cold! BRRRR! We then added some chocolate syrup and enjoyed…

What’s the Matter in Root Beer Floats?

Second and Third grade students investigated the three common states of matter using a root beer float. In addition to being able to identify a solid, liquid, and gas, students were also able to observe how matter changes through melting. Tasting them was a bonus. Yum!