Congratulations Ms. Parks!

Congratulations Ms. Parks!

Ms. Park’s Receives high honors

On Thursday, January 24th, ECSP took an opportunity to surprise Ms. Parks during Chapel.  Ms. Parks was chosen as one of the top three in the best teacher category to become a 2018 CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite!  With over 1300 votes cast by the readers of CharlottesvilleFamily’s Bloom magizine, Ms. Parks was awarded the bronze medal!

Ms. Parks received her certificate in a frame signed by her students.  She was in awe that her students were able to keep such a surprise and was very grateful.

Many thanks to Ms. Parks

ECSP is truly grateful to have Ms. Parks on staff here.  Our staff and families are very happy that she chose to be a part of the ECSP family.  We are all very proud of her.  It’s truly a privilege to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus, along side of Ms. Parks.  She is a humble sister in Christ and shines His light every day.  Let’s continue to thank her for doing what she does and loving our family every day.  We love you Ms. Parks!!