“Personalized instruction”

“Personalized instruction”

My son is currently in third grade at Effort Christian School. He has attended the school for five years. With smaller classroom sizes, the personalized instruction is excellent. He is challenged academically and continues to learn and grow. I am pleased with the quality of the instruction, the curricula used, and the talented, caring, and excellent teachers.

I am also thankful he is able to receive solid Christian instruction and that biblical character qualities are modeled, taught, and enforced in the school.

The parents and the other families are friendly and look out for one another. I am blessed by all of the friends we have made at the school. And I am glad to be able to talk with the other parents about school, child rearing, and more—getting to know the other children (and their families) who are spending time with my child.

I enjoy the community atmosphere and how affirming and uplifting this school experience has been for my child. I highly recommend the school, and I feel that we have made a great choice in starting my son’s education at Effort Christian school.

– Kathy L.