November Already?

Time Flies by Ms. Marlo’s class I can’t believe it’s November already!  My K4 class has been hard at work.  So far we have learned the letters A, E, I, O, U, T, L, B, N and this week is M. We have lots of fun playing Bingo and Bugs.  We love to eat new and old things like Oreos, Muffins, and Apples just to name a few.  We had a crazy tea party and a few birthday parties too.…

Carla’s Class Veteran’s Day Preparations!

Ms. Carla’s K4 class has been preparing for our Veteran’s Day celebration for weeks!  We have worked hard to learn all the words and motions to our song, “Red, White and Blue.”  I love that it is sign language set to a song. We made cards by tracing our hands and other shapes with coffee filters and water colors.  Many of them have special notes and all are handmade and decorated by my students.            …

Harvest Day in Ms. Connie’s Class

Ms.Connie’s class would like to wish you all this week a “Happy Harvest Day” on October 31, 2018! Our class is so excited that we get to celebrate this special time of year with a Harvest Parade and class party.  We will get to dress up in funny costumes and parade around our school campus for our teachers, family, and friends to see us in our attire.  Then we will have a party in our classroom with fun treats, music…

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ms. Amanda’s Pre-K Class had fun last week learning all about the letter I. We finished out the week with ice cream. We made our ice cream along with the rest of the preschool classes in the FLC. We used milk, vanilla, and sugar to make our own ice cream. The children had to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE the bags of ice cream. The ice and rock salt made it very cold! BRRRR! We then added some chocolate syrup and enjoyed…

Fire Safety Week for Preschool

fire Safety month VIsit From Lake Monticello Fire Co. September is Fire Safety Month at ECSP.  On Thursday, September 20, we were blessed to have local firemen and a truck come to visit with us.  Preschool got to take a peak at all the cool and interesting gadgets on a firetruck.  They learned that the trucks have more than hoses on them, and firetrucks are used for more than just putting out fires. Fireman Josh Tells us important safety tips…

We’re going on a bear hunt!

Our preschool class gathered their courage and set out on a bear hunt! They swished through the tall grasses, splish-splashed through a deep cold river, mucked through thick oozy mud, stumbled through the deep dark forest, pushed their way through a cold, swirling snowstorm and tiptoed into the cave to find our bear. Luckily he was a friendly cuddly bear so all was well with the world again. A very exciting way to wrap up our letter B week this…

Playground is OPEN!

Our brand new playground is OPEN and ready for lots of fun! We cannot adequately express our thanks to our PTO, and the parents, grandparents and community that have supported the PTO’s Playground Campaign! We are so blessed by this community! This playground will be treasured for years to come!! A special thanks to Mr. Quinn Beversluis and his team at Quantum Construction for the installation!

Salvation Army Dinner

We had a lot of fun at the Salvation Army tonight! Each March ECSP provides and serves dinner as part of an ongoing ministry with Effort Church. Join us next time, and don’t forget your St. Patty’s Day gear!
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