'kindergarten' Tagged Posts

'kindergarten' Tagged Posts

Crafts Time!

Kindergartners know all of the vowel sounds and can listen for he “u” sound in duck.  Craft time and phonics go together!

Creation Days

The Kindergartners enjoyed learning about the Days of Creation.  They can recite what God created on each of the six days: Day 1—Day and Night Day 2—Sky and Water Day 3—Trees, Grass, Plants Day 4—Sun, Moon, Stars Day 5—Birds and Fish Day 6—Animals and Man Day 7—God Rested

Kindergartners Explore the Ocean

Typically, the kindergartners will make three fun crafts each week.  We have enjoyed a fun unit learning about ocean life, and some of us will even visit the ocean over the summer!   The kindergartners write daily in their journals.  Today they wrote about the ocean.  Here are a few stories for you to enjoy.  🙂

Kindergartners Explore Plants

Kindergartners learned about the four things needed for a plant to grow: water, sunlight, air, soil.  They enjoyed planting a seed and watching their plant sprout and grow!!!

Merry Christmas!

ECSP is getting ready for Christmas!! Ms. Parks’s Kindergarten Class will once again bring blankets and socks to the residences of The Envoy assisted living facility in Fork Union on Friday December 15th. They will also spread some Christmas cheer with songs and poems.