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Now Hiring

Title: Elementary Teacher Job Type: Full-time Experience: Classroom Teaching 1 year (Minimum) Effort Christian School is seeking qualified educators who love kids to join our team. With projected increased enrollment, we anticipate hiring multiple elementary teachers for the 2021-2022 academic year.   Applicants should possess (at minimum) a Bachelor’s degree in Education and classroom experience. Effort Christian School requires experience in, or a willingness to learn about, project-based learning, individualized education plans, and implementation methods for exploratory classes (PE, Art, Bible,…

Body Systems in First Grade!

Mrs. Hanson’s first grade class learned about the body.  We did many activities to learn about our respiratory, circular, digestive, and skeletal systems.  We created a skeleton and labeled the names of each bone!  Did you know your finger bones are called phalanges?!

Crafts Time!

Kindergartners know all of the vowel sounds and can listen for he “u” sound in duck.  Craft time and phonics go together!

Creation Days

The Kindergartners enjoyed learning about the Days of Creation.  They can recite what God created on each of the six days: Day 1—Day and Night Day 2—Sky and Water Day 3—Trees, Grass, Plants Day 4—Sun, Moon, Stars Day 5—Birds and Fish Day 6—Animals and Man Day 7—God Rested

Kindergartners Explore Plants

Kindergartners learned about the four things needed for a plant to grow: water, sunlight, air, soil.  They enjoyed planting a seed and watching their plant sprout and grow!!!

Salvation Army Dinner

We had a lot of fun at the Salvation Army tonight! Each March ECSP provides and serves dinner as part of an ongoing ministry with Effort Church. Join us next time, and don’t forget your St. Patty’s Day gear!